A social life, with friends
A social life, with friends
On making and maintaining friendships

On making and maintaining friendships

In this episode, host Madeleine Dore asks: how can we make new connections and maintain friendships?

Before launching this podcast, I put out a survey with my newsletter readers and asked: When was the last time you made a friend and how did you make them?

This episode explores three themes I found when compiling a list of 101 ways to make and maintain friendships.

Guests include:

  • Friendship expert Kat Vellos

  • Writer and civic advocate Pete Davis

  • Psychologist Chris Cheers

  • Journalist Anne Helen Peterson

  • Arts and culture worker Mariam Ella Arcilla

A social life, with friends
A social life, with friends
Madeleine Dore returns with a brand new podcast, "A social life, with friends"
Conversations with experts, authors, and friends explore how we can better navigate the joy and the heartbreak of being a person in the world, with other people.
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Created, produced and hosted by Madeleine Dore
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